Trainers’ Training on Appreciative Inquiry in Kathmandu

As COVID -19 has created a new situation for the entire social system, many new avenues are emerging to cope with this unimagined and unexpected social atmosphere. COVID -19 has opened new avenues of thinking and action. It has inspired us to innovate new ideas through striving to extend and sustain our relationships and bond. Today’s headlines from around the globe remind us- now more than ever- we need to explore new ways to organize, collaborate, and strengthen our communities. With this lofty, but essential goal in mind, Eastern Research Institute of Positive Science (ERIPS) has planned to conduct Training of Trainers on Appreciative Inquiry Approach in Kathmandu, Nepal on 16-19 December 2022. The Appreciative Inquiry Approach is a strengths revolution that is well complemented by other strengths based positive change models of development and transformation. While the seeds of this positive revolution are very much taking root around the globe, all the possible fruits of strengths-based approach to change have not yet been fully realized.

Appreciative Inquiry Training TOT is designed for those who want to develop their career as positive transformative change Trainer/Facilitator or Leader. The participants who aim to facilitate positive vibration and culture in organization and society by the application of Appreciative Inquiry.
In this training, participants will be able to learn the theoretical foundation as well as the practical application of Appreciative Inquiry. In addition, participants will obtain the skills needed to design and deliver the Appreciative Inquiry Training in all settings. This training is designed for those who are looking for a career as a trainer or facilitator; communicator; positive leader; and planner or strategists
During this Training we will explore many innovative applications of Appreciative Inquiry and other Strengths Based Approaches for transformative change and development that are currently being used to develop the positive personality and address the developmental challenges of 21st century. The training will be conducted by Dr. RC Lamichhane, the certified trainer of Appreciative Inquiry Approach.