Dr. Lamichhane releases English Song on Appreciative Inquiry

Expert in appreciative inquiry in South East Asia, Dr Ram Chandra Lamichhane has released his fifth song on the subject ‘Appreciative Inquiry’ in English version. According to him, the main motive of the song is to create awareness about appreciative inquiry and how it works. Dr Lamichhane said this song is not only spreading positivity but also connecting to AI practitioners all over the world.

Dr Lamichhane has been involved in Strategic Plan preparation for local governments, organizations and academic institutions, peace building process, development communication and natural resource management for many years in Nepal and abroad. All his experiences have been reflected in the song.

The song is directed and composed by senior musician and singer Narahari Premee. Premee and Sujita Rai are the singers of the song. Dr Lamichhane has already written three songs before this and all of them are released on his youtube channel ‘The ERIPS’

According to Dr Lamichhane, despite the worldwide network of Appreciative Inquiry, this is the first English song on it.